Ragnhild Hveger………Worlds Best Swimmer?

Ragnhild Hveger

Ragnhild Hveger “The Golden Torpedo” Elected in 1996 to “The greatest Danish athlete of the century”

She used to live in this house, which i named “In memory of Ragnhild” in the small village of Tommestrup, with her husband Erik Andersen.

This house was Erik Andersen´s childhood home.
Ragnhild Hveger (1920 – 2011) set 44 individuel world records between 1935 and 1942. At the beginning of World War II she was at the peak of her career. In 1941 she held 19 world records in crawl at the same time!!! Some of the world reccords she hold for more than 15 years before they were beaten. 
Fort Lauderdale in USA is home for “The International Swimming Hall of Fame” And in their portrait of Ragnhild Hveger on their webpage, you find clearly evidence that its not only Danish citizens that think she could have had the status of “The Greatest of All” they write about Ragnhild:
“Ragnhild Hveger is by many europeans considered as the most extraordinary swimmer that have ever existed. Had there been an Olympics in 1940 and in 1944 she would, based on her records, have won it all” 
She was so famous she got a tribute song “Den lille kække Ragnhild” “The Little Cocky Ragnhild”
Here is the cover, but so far i could not find the tune. Please let me know if you should have acces to this tune.


Den lille kække Ragnhild - Sang om Ragnhild Hveger

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